The Healthcare Co Logo Embroidery Policy

Custom stitch logo embroidery is an additional $25 per logo per polo. You can also add a name and title (John Doe - Physiotherapist) underneath your logo for just $10.

If it's your first custom embroidery order with us, there will be a $99 set up fee for each logo design. This is to cover the fees associated with developing your logo into an embroidery machine-friendly file and matching colours to threads. The $99 fee is not charged on subsequent orders of the same logo.

We typically size logos between 3cm x 3cm and 5cm x 5cm. While we can accommodate for larger logo sizes and complexities, an additional charge per logo per polo may incur. For example, a simple logo may be $25, whereas a more complex logo may be $30.

Positioning of the logo will be on the right-hand side of the polo.

Every polo will come with The Healthcare Co logo (HC) on the left-hand side of the chest, and cannot be requested to be removed or ordered without.

Please note that all embroidered polos cannot be exchanged or refunded as per our free returns policy.

You may request a mockup to confirm the design, size, colour and positioning before placing an order.

We're proud to say that we work with multiple local embroidery businesses right here where we're based in Newcastle, NSW. We may have to wait between 3 days to 2 weeks to process your order due to their busy schedules.

Updated: 12/11/2022.