Custom Embroidery Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions:
  • Prices listed on custom embroidery infographic are of a general nature and may be subject to change at any time.
  • Shipping is at the cost of the customer, this will be added to the electronic invoice that we send. The free shipping banner on the website refers to individual customer orders of our products directly from the website.
  • Only discount codes that are specified to be acceptable on custom embroidery orders can be used. 10% welcome discounts are eligible, however, flash sales/discounts are not due to bulk order prices are already heavily discounted.
  • Please consider your order carefully and if necessary order sample sizes as we cannot accept any refunds or returns once custom embroidery has been placed onto the products.
  • Initial orders attract a set up fee. This is to cover the costs associated with developing the logo into an embroidery machine friendly file, as well as matching the colours of the logo to the physical thread colours in the workshop. This will not be charged on future order and we will store your logo to make future orders fast and easy.